rhd002: amniosis


Digital reissue of the original amniosis double cdr.

The first Amniosis album appears in late 2007. It contains 10 cuts taken from some of the numerous live sessions of the band, including a couple in which José Álvarez of Oxomaxoma and Stultifera Navis took part, the metal banging -“Null” and “Puro Óxido.” It is an album in which a number of styles and media are used in very spontaneous and personal manners. In “Amniosis” can be found tracks of dark ambient with ritual vibes (“Salamandra”), sound collisions nearing harsh noise intensity (“Nigredo”) and even some contemplative, ambient pieces (“Cigarra” and “Ciudad Irreal”).

This double cdr portrays the end of Amniosis’ earliest stage, one devoted to intimist and introspective music. Most of these pieces are cuts derived of much longer sessions, whose recordings sought nothing but to be a personal record.

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released 25 June 2014

All sounds:

Ramsés Guevara
Sinuhé Guevara
Sergio Sánchez
Omar Zamudio


José Álvarez: junk noise in “Null” and “Puro Óxido”
Omar S.: concréte sounds in “Salamandra”