ss is the seudonym of Sergio Sánchez T., who has not only participated actively in the experimental underground scene through the ruido horrible blog, but has also collaborated creatively through a diversity of sound projects. Sánchez has also put together a number of festivals and concerts of experimental performers both local and international, and collaborated with many organisations and individuals in the creation of artistic projects. Here is a brief synthesis of his work:

Los Heraldos Negros

Los Heraldos Negros is a project which, since its inception in 2008, sought to establish a division between the collective nature of the other projects he has participated with, and another one much harsher and more focused. Through its discography Los Heraldos Negros has alternatively gone throught the realms of harsh noise, acousmatic and industrial music.




Cantos sibilinos (ruido horrible, 2007)
Los Heraldos Negros (ruido horrible, 2009)
886GV+Armenia+Christian Galarreta+Los Heraldos Negros (Bizarre Audio Arts, 2009)
Vivir Mejor (Bloodlust!, 2010)
Third World Holocaust – 4-Way Split with Vulgar Disease, Jack Kerouac y God Pussy (Torn Flesh Records, 2010)
“El Hurto” in Ruido Latino Aniversario: Tape 2 (Ruido Latino, 2010)
“Asfixia” in Mosqquito Records Sampler (Mosqquito Records, 2010)
Los Heraldos Negros (ruido horrible, 2011)
886GV / Los  Heraldos Negros (Pro-Death, 2012)
Los Heraldos Negros (ruido horrible, 2012)
Cacophonic Joy + Los Heraldos Negros (ruido horrible, 2012)
Cralon/Los Heraldos Negros (2012)

lhnLive history:


Fuzz On Club


I Love Myself Club
El Sasón Cultural


Ex Teresa, Arte Actual

Noise Fest III (Puebla)


Volta 10, Museo Británico Americano (w/Mario de Vega and Víctor Mazón)
Binario, Escuela Nacional de Artes Plásticas (w/Cacophonic Joy y Juanjose Rivas)
Terapia Auricular, La Casa Suspendida, Guadalajara
9 Corners (w/Cralon, .RR , Mata, Andrés Soto y Cacophonic Joy)

Hilaratura Crama



Hilaratura Crama is an experimental, free-improv unit in which Sánchez collaborates with Rodrigo Ámbriz (Cacophonic Joy), Asael Soriano (Balísticos Rutilantes), Vania Soriano, Amed Baltézar (lapatentependiente) y Amira Baltézar. Initially named Nébula Crack, Hilaratura Crama produces music of a playful and spontaneous character, in which extended techniques in vocals and instumentation, circuit bending, electronic synthesis, and live looping and sampling are used.




Stalaktos & Hilaratura Crama – 160612 (ruido horrible, 2013)

247912_417814738275199_1250408876_nLive history:


Taladro Fest (as Nébula Crack, Ciudad Victoria)
Casa Gesualdo
Noise Fest (Puebla)


Ex-Teresa. Arte Actual: Invocación electroacústica




Amniosis was founded in Mexico City in 2006. Its sound is essentially organic, as a result of a combination of conventional instrumentation (guitars, basses and percussions) and elements such as tapes, loops, samplers, discarded materials, and transductors. The style of amniosis gathers together elements of ambient, noise and early industrial music.

Amniosis is formed by Ramsés Guevara, Omar Zamudio, Sinuhé Guevara and Sergio Sánchez. Other members have been Omar Romero, José Álvarez (of Oxomaxoma fame) and Erick Diego (Alas de Mosca). Amniosis has toured Mexico extensively, and collaborated with many of the main actors of Mexico’s experimental underground scene.




amniosis (ruido horrible, 2007)
amniosis vs. The New Parallelogramers (ruido horrible, 2008)
14 06 08 (ruido horrible, 2008)
melodiklasta + amniosis (ruido horrible, 2009)
Doppelgänger (split tape with I/C/O/C, ruido horrible, 2008)
“Las arcas repletas de manos cortadas” in Ready Media (Audition Records, 2011)
Eternos bucles en la oscuridad (Buh Records, 2012)

AxYuht0CIAEDXFTLive history:


El Área Chica (Toluca) w/Justice Yeldham, Blast Beat, I/C/O/C.
VC15 w/Justice Yeldham, I/C/O/C, Erick Diego.
Casa Vecina  Winters In Osaka + Sinestesia
Casa Vecina Amniosis + I/C/O/C
Jazzorca w/Zero Point, (amniosis + Javier Becerra + Melodiklasta)
Cha’ak’ab’Paaxil (amniosis + Rogelio Sosa, et.al)
Fuzz On w/New Parallelogramers, Jason Zeh, Christian Galarreta, lapatentependiente, Monosodic, et. al.
Ex Teresa Arte Actual w/Soriah
Festival de Arte Experimental Maravatio (Michoacán) w/Soriah
Fuzz On w/lapatentependiente, Melodiklasta, Industrial Drawing, Monosodic, Mario Quiroga


Galeria Interferencial w/Erick Diego & Chistian Galarreta
Galeria Interferencial w/Eloine, Tobiass, I/C/O/C, Telequinesis de Saliva & Melodiklasta
El Baúl (Toluca) w/Eloine, I/C/O/C, Volátil & Sinestesia
Galería Interferencial  w/Steletron, Dieb13, Christian Galarreta + VJ 2 Pesos
Electrovisiones  w/Steletron, Ecuación Diferencial & Talachas, & Kill Munki & VJ Jube
Taladro Fest, Amniosis + Christian Galarreta w/La Función de Repulsa, Miasma, Manimal, Terabosu, etc.
Festival Equinoxio w/Erick Diego, Los Hermanos Falsos de Cristo, Jupiter 6, Tobiass, Los Heraldos Negros, Miasma & Melodiklasta
Galería Interferencial w/Melodiklasta, Xavier Becerra, José Álvarez & Walter Schmidt
Nisoto Bar with I/C/O/C & lapatentependiente
Escarabajo Blanco w/Melodiklasta, Trago Largo, Los Carniceros del Sonido & Masacre en Silencio
Gato Calavera w/José Álvarez, Tobiass & lapatentependiente


Nisoto Bar w/Aut.he, Sinestesia & Los Dientes
Gato Calavera w/Junky Jet & Dresden
Festival Jamming w/Germán Bringas
Gato Calavera (amniosis + chrs) w/Dizzy Kinetics, Kikiilimikilii & lapatentependiente
El Sasón Cultural w/Katzen & Ninguna Nínfula
Noisefest II (Puebla, w/Vulgar Disease, Melodiklasta & Moment Form


Noisefest III (Puebla, 2011) w/Stalaktos, La Generación Espontánea, Moment Form, et al.


Volta w/Luis Ortega & Los Acuesta (2012)




Miasma is an avant-rock band which is based on the collaboration between some members of amniosis and Peruvian artist Christian Galarreta. Miasma proposes to establish an exploratory sound under a rock formation and by the means of regular musical instruments, albeit modified. Miasma recorded a studio session in 2010, and its product is to be released soon.



Live history:


Multiforo Alicia
Galería Interferencial
Taladro Fest


Gato Calavera
NOise Fest




Sinestesia is the intermitent duet of Sinuhé Guevara (amniosis, Deimusaranea) and Sergio Sánchez. Every performance of this unit is based on improvisation on heavily processed electric guitars.




El Baúl (Toluca)


Nisoto Bar


Sinestesia (ruido horrible, 2009)

*Photographs by Nancy Molina, Erick Diego, Volta and Iván Macuil

Concerts and festivals organized by ruido horrible:

Since 2007, Sánchez has organized concerts and festivals of experimental music, noise, free-improvisation, power electronics and out-there rock by many local and international artists. Some of this were made in collaboration with people and organizations such kiddieriot records, hacked tapes, a.m.p., aloardi, Galería Interferencial, Ex Teresa Arte Actual/Carlos Jaurena, Casa Vecina, Laboratorio de Arte Alameda, Luis Flores, Muz-Muz and others. As part—or not—of ruido horrible, at one moment or another the aid of Sinuhé Guevara, Omar Zamudio, Ramsés Guevara, Christian Galarreta, Iván Martínez, Rodrigo Ámbriz, Asael Soriano, Marijose Soberón, Marcos Hassan, Eduardo Jiménez and Erick Diego, among many, many others, has proven invaluable. Here is a full list of the concerts held by ruido horrible.

Sánchez also occasionally collaborates with Juanjose Rivas in his ongoing series of live improvisation and sound experimentation concerts, Volta. These are held at the Museo Británico Americano in Mexico City and feature an extensive range of sound performers from Mexico and the world:


23.06.07 Bloodyminded (Café Soul)

19.03.08 Justice Yeldham, Blast Beat, amniosis & I/C/O/C (El Área Chica, Toluca) co-organized w/kiddieriot and Luis Flores

20.03.08 Justice Yeldham, Erick Diego, amniosis & I/C/O/C (VC15) co-organized w/kiddieriot

479582403.05.08 Winters In Osaka + Sinestesia + I/C/O/C (Casa Vecina) co-organized w/kiddieriot

14.06.08 Amniosis + I/C/O/C (Casa Vecina) co-organized w/kiddieriot

31.07.08 Tobiass, lapatentependiente, Monosodic & amniosis (Fuzz On Club) co-organized w/kiddieriot and hacked tapes

17.10.08 New Paralellogramers, Jason Zeh, Melodiklasta, lapatentependiente, Piscis, amniosis, Monosodic & Los Heraldos Negros (Fuzz On Club) co-organized w/kiddieriot, aloardi, a.m.p. and hacked tapes

31.10.08 Soriah & amniosis (ExTeresa Arte Actual)

26.12.08 lapatentependiente, Melodiklasta, Industrial Drawing, Monosodic & Mario Quiroga (Fuzz On Club) co-organized w/kiddieriot and hacked tapes
10.04.09 Eloine, Tobiass, I/C/O/C, amniosis, Telequinesis de Saliva & Melodiklasta (Galería Interferencial)

11.04.09 – Eloine, I/C/O/C, amniosis, Volátil & Sinestesia (El Baúl, Toluca) co-organized w/kiddieriot and Luis Flores

02.08.09 – amniosis + Steletron, Dieb13, Christian Galarreta + VJ 2 Pesos (Galería Interferencial) co-organized w/aloardi

13.11.09 – amniosis, I/C/O/C & lapatentependiente (Nisoto Bar)

628556127.09.09 – Festival Equinoxio (Cd. de México) Erick Diego, Los Hermanos Falsos de Cristo, Jupiter 6, amniosis, Tobiass + Los Heraldos Negros, Miasma & Melodiklasta

17.12.09 – José Álvarez, Tobiass & lapatentependiente (Gato Calavera)
23.01.10 Aut.he, Sinestesia, Los Dientes & amniosis (Nisoto Bar)

25.04.10 Kikiilimikilii, Dizzy Kinetics & amniosis + Chrs (Gato Calavera) co-organized w/aloardi

03.06.10 amniosis + lapatentependiente, Junkie Jet & Dresden (Gato Calavera)

25.06.10 Rovar 17, Emese & amniosis (Ex Teresa Arte Actual)

11.08.10 Justice Yeldham, Kevin Shields, Melodiklasta & I/C/O/C (El Sasón Cultural)


23.09.10 Ninguna Nínfula, amniosis & Katzen (El Sasón Cultural)

13.12.10 Soriah & Vertex Germ (Laboratorio de Arte Alameda)

01.09.11 Dave Phillips, Mark Solotroff & Los Heraldos Negros (Ex Teresa Arte Actual)

16.09.11 Kayaka, Rolando Apolo & Stalaktos (Ex Teresa Arte Actual)

14.11.11 Fiorella 16 + ninialibélula, Muz-Muz & Hilaratura Crama (Casa Carlo Gesualdo)

23.08.12 Monogatari, Deimusaranea & Words (Ex Teresa Arte Actual)

27.09.12 Moment Form, Cralon & Hilaratura Crama (Ex Teresa Arte Actual)

ruido horrible as a label

pruido horrible started producing limited tapes and cdrs around 2007. Since then, it has published the works of a variety of performers from all over the world, covering a wide range of styles within experimental music. Future plans include releases by Balísticos Rutilantes, Cacophonic Joy, Stalaktos, Hilaratura Crama, Thirdorgan, Dave Phillips, Francisco López, Vulgar Disease, Melodiklasta and many others. Here is a full list of recording released by ruido horrible:

h001 Amniosis
rh002 I/C/O/C – Weesick e.p.
rh003 Warmth – In The Illuminated Corners
rh004 Cornucopia – Balance of Power
rh007 Saints – Tendas
rh007 The New Paralellogrammers + amniosis
rh008 Terrortank – Filling Empty Spaces with… Nothing
rh009 Los Heraldos Negros – Cantos Sibilinos
rh010 Cacophonic Joy + Los Heraldos Negros
rh011 Armenia – 10 Sangrantes Piezas Metamórficas
rh014 Sinestesia
rh015 Le Scrambled Debutante – Symmetrical Stupidity
rh016 Mike Khoury, Chris Riggs & Ryan Jewell – Conversations among the DEAD
rh017 Fat Legs & Metek – Thank You For Your Letter
rh018 Winters In Osaka – No Compromise!
rh019 I/C/O/C /Amniosis – Doppelgänger
rh020 Amniosis – 14 06 08
rh021 The New Parallelogrammers – Series of Snakes
rh023 Slow Listener – I Like the Idea of People, I Just Don’t Like People
rh024 Fossils – Holocene Maximum
rh025 Los Heraldos Negros
rh026 Szbuhtä Söroh – Neuronal Anus
rh027 Mixturizer/Los Heraldos Negros
rh028 Federico Barabino – Sonido Doblado
rh029 Joshua and (7/13) Moon – The Person who was everyone
rh030 Soriah – Marakame
rh031 Granitkorridor
rh032 Cold Turkey – Retribution
rh033 Vertex Germ – Alphatoxin
rh034 Vejo Voce Conversando Comigo
rh035 Chris Riggs – Happy Holidays
rh036 Wasteland Jazz Unit – Burrows of Indication
rh037 Rubbish (with Terrence Fuller) – The King of Tomorrow
rh038 I/C/O/C Broken Metacarpus Like Stigmata
rh041 Content Nullity
rh042 Wereju – Breadcrumb Trails
rh043 D.A.F.O.S.M. – Viaje Arcaico
rh044 Rusalka – Mother Insect Flesh
rh045 AeA – Apparitions
rh045 Granitkorridor – II
rh046 Kriminaaliset Metsänhaltijat – Valkoinen Terrori
rh048 Metek – Episk Ljudkatastrof
rh049 El arca de no es – Alborada Gris
rh050 Los Heraldos Negros
rh052 Los Heraldos Negros
rh053 Stalaktos & Hilaratura Crama – 160612
rh054 La Mancha del Pecado – Cadáveres exhumados
rh060 Zbigniew Karkowski, Christian Galarreta & Paruro – Ruido al Paso (co-produced w/aloardi)
rh064 Dopamine Larvae
rh065 Prisionero13 – Reporte de Guerra
rh066 Vertex Germ – Peyote
rh067 Marcela Armas / Bárbara Lazara / Stalaktos / Kayaka – Volta: Sesiones de Improvisación y Experimentación Sonora (co-produced with Volta)
rh068 VOLTA CD_02: Eduardo Jiménez / Juan Pablo Villegas / Enrique Arriaga / Zerúmen Volta: Sesiones de Improvisación y Experimentación Sonora (co-produced with Volta)
rh069 VOLTA CD_03: lapatentependiente / Mr Eddy / Muz Muz: Sesiones de Improvisación y Experimentación Sonora (co-produced with Volta)
rh070 Tica – Lo que sea por mi destrucción
rh072 VOLTA CD_05: Luis Ortega / Los Acuesta  / amniosis: Sesiones de Improvisación y Experimentación Sonora (co-produced with Volta)